SDS/III internship

In addition to technical specialization in hydrologic science and engineering services, Southern DataStream (SDS) has been involved since 1999 with its partner organization Intelligentsia International, Inc. (III) in running so called SDS/III training program.

Graduate students and young professionals from all over the world get an opportunity in this program to pursue theirs technical internship, being placed for several months into competitive environment, putting theirs hand into real projects and getting intensive training in practical tasks and assignments. The applicants come for generally 3 - 6 months program and after completing the training program, they pursue theirs professional career back home or abroad further, having a solid practical experience background obtain with SDS/III.

Objectives of the SDS/III training program are:

  • assist participants in acquiring qualifications to serve as a foundation in building their future careers;
  • provide participants with unique training opportunities that are short-term, diverse, intensive and challenging;
  • develop and practice effective multicultural communication.

The training program is open to students and young professionals of any nationality, who are pursuing or have already obtained university degrees in:

  • engineering
  • computer science and related fields
  • management, marketing and finances
  • natural and environmental sciences
  • social sciences and journalism
  • education
  • law

Technical part of the program is managed by SDS, while administrative, educational and recreational part by III. We strongly recommend you to visit III's informative website, where many more details about the training program structure and organization are described.

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